I have been preparing estate plans for clients since 1975. In that time I have used Revocable Living Trusts as a valuable tool to help many of my clients. A Revocable Living Trust is used as a means of avoiding probate and, just as important, as a means for my clients to plan for their incapacity. Many of my clients planning for their senior years want to remain in their home. A Trust can offer help to insure that these wishes and desires are honored.

A Revocable Living Trust can also insure that your loved ones will not have to take the time and expense of probating your estate after your death.

Under a Revocable Living Trust, you have complete control over your property. You can change the Trust at any time or you can revoke it. You can do anything with your property that you can do with it now.

Unlike some, I am not in the business of selling Trusts. It is possible you do not need a Trust. If that is the case, I will tell you. A Trust is just one of many estate planning tools and each estate plan needs to be tailored to fit your needs and desires. I am in the profession of giving legal advice so that you are fully informed of your options and so you can make an informed decision. I will implement your plan with your help in a collaborative effort to establish your estate plan.

"Let me help you develop an estate
plan that fits your needs."

I know that it is difficult to plan for your death, but I try to make this necessary task as easy and painless as possible. Many of my clients at the conclusion of developing an estate plan say "that wasn't so bad ... I should have done it years ago". I can think of no better compliment for my services.

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